Sunday, February 1, 2009

sunday brunch jacket

I recently made this jacket for my oldest. I wanted it to be a simple and basic jacket that would go with most anything, but I love the detail of the bias trim on the inside. It's like wearing a little secret.

I love sewing the Oliver+S patterns. There is a lot of detail that makes them truly a joy to sew. I really have learned a lot from sewing from them - and better yet - the size you measure on the back of the pattern is the size that the garment comes out as. It's miraculous!

I've been wondering lately. Is it cheaper to sew for my kids (ok - well, daughter)? The PJs I just made my son only cost $2 (fabric, free tutorial online, and reused pattern I paid $1 for for the pants). I mean, Old Navy often has cute things for cheap - certainly a $10 jacket. Would it matter whether or not it was cheaper? Is this new found craft/hobby/skill actually priceless because it makes me a happier mom and wife? I certainly sew for sanity and find myself needing/wanting to make something everyday. Really. Sewing makes me happy. I love it when a stranger comments on something Anna is wearing and then are amazed that I made it. It's so fun hearing Anna tell people her "mommy made it", or when wearing a nicely made JCrew jacket people ask me if I made it - ha!


*1 1/2 yards light weight denim (clearance at Joanns): $3
*4 buttons: $3
*1/2 yd sale fabric for bias tape $2
*pattern (divided by 4 because it goes up to size 8 and I will likely make it again) $4
*creating something new that makes me (and her) smile when she wears it: priceless


Rae said...

first of all: LOVE that jacket. The bias tape inside is just adorable. Do they make that pattern in adult sizes??? (:

second: HANG IN THERE with the knitting! I do have to say though that learning from a book is tricky. There are some online videos that might be good to watch...i'll see if I can find some for you...

third: I've thought a ton about whether or not sewing your own clothes is cheaper (even for kids) and the only answer I've come up with is NO. It's not cheaper even with recycled fabric and sales. I think with the price of foreign child-labor as cheap as it is, it will be a long time before it's cheaper for a person such as ourselves to make something from hand. The main cost is your labor (I try to figure my time is worth somewhere between 10 and 20 dollars/hr?) But in the end, it's fun and it's a great hobby, you know some 7 year old didn't sew your kid's jacket, and other hobbies can get pretty expensive so this one's pretty cheap for the enjoyment in the scheme of things. I think your comment about having strangers ask you where you got something is right on. The reward is priceless! (:

Barbara Brown said...

i love that jacket. i am a big fan of sewing little "secrets" into the clothing i make. it makes it all the more fun to wear.
i just learned knitting from a kids book and made a few dish clothes so far. i have a great link on my sidebar of knitting tutorials that are very helpful, like how to add a color and many other questions. she tackles them simply and individually. come on over and check it out.
barbara brown

Tanya said...

That jacket is beautiful!

Silcox Stories said...

That jacket is one of my favorites! Ok, well just about everything you make is one of my favorites; and I especially loves that A loves to come show me when she has something new on.

You have an incredible talent and if it makes you happy, then go for it!

ali said...

Hello! I found your blog from your comment on the oliver + s blog because I was making this jacket too. I love your blog, and I have been able to get some great ideas from it! thanks!

Also, your jacket is absolutely adorable! I love the bias binding :)

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