Sunday, December 6, 2009

quick gift idea

I know you don't know this... but I'm pregnant. And being pregnant has created an aversion to crafting/sewing. Tragic, I know, but I'm hoping to get over it soon. I'm nearing 12 weeks and need to make Christmas PJs, and a couple other things and I need the energy to do it! I've done all I can to avoid making things for anyone this year. I realize how un-crafty, not handmade revolution blah blah blah that is.... but whatever... I feel like barfing all day and just want to go to sleep.

On a less barfy note...

At church I am essentially the party planner for the women. We had a nice dinner the other night and then did a simple craft that I know you've all seen before. Mostly I wanted to just give you the link to where you can buy the supplies and see the tutorial I originally got the idea from. I realize my picture isn't really a great representation of how cute these actually are, but... it's just the one I made. The women at the party made darling ones though!
The necklaces only cost $2 each to make (that was tile, bail, and chain) and were easy peasy. If you can glue one thing to another, you can do this. I'm all about the thoughtfulness of giving gifts, but I also don't have a lot of money to spend on them. The great thing is that the necklaces span all age ranges... so I'd like to think my 5 year old will love this necklace with the pic of her and her cousin, but a teacher would love it too with cute scrapbook paper behind it or something.

Here's the tutorial for the necklaces.

Here's the etsy shop I bought all of the supplies from.