Wednesday, October 8, 2008

crafty cork board

I had never considered myself "crafty" until this project. Perhaps being "crafty" has held a stigma of my mom and aunt toll painting cutesy pumpkins and other Relief Society-making-wreaths-out-of-garden hoses type projects. But, now I give in. I'm crafty and that's ok dang it.

I've been on the hunt a while now for a cute cork board or magnet board that I can put in my laundry room to post notes on (or more likely stuff I want).

Anyway, the space that I wanted to put it in was sort of limited so I decided to make my own. Walmart sells a 4 pack of cork board squares that are 12 x 12 (but they are pretty thin) for only $5. I wanted them to be thick as if they were on a canvas so I decided to hot glue 3 of them together. (Also, one is too thin to use - the pin would just hit the wall).

Here's how I did it. It's so easy I'm not really sure that a tutorial is necessary but what the heck.

1. Hot glue the cork board together. I did 3.

2. Cut fabric 16 x 16. I also cut out a piece of muslin to put in between the fabric and the cork board so the cork board wouldn't show through. Don't forget to iron your fabric.

3. Layer the fabric (wrong side up), muslin, and then cork board and pin up two (opposite) sides. I just used push pins to stick the fabric down so I could use the fabric again and switch out the fabric when I wanted to.

4. Fold up the other two sides. The easiest way to explain how to do this and have nice corners is to fold up the ends like you do when you wrap a gift - except fold that top flap towards the board with the bottom flap following.

5. Make sure everything is pulled nice and tight.
Viola - you're done. I covered some buttons and hot glued them onto push pins so the pins were cute too.

edit:: I should have put on here what I did to hang mine. Sorry for those of you that have had their boards fall off their walls (and then destroyed by their toddlers). I just hot-glued a picture hanging hook to the back of it.


- Tracy said...

What a good Idea, you are crafty dang it! I think that is a pic of me and Shep on the last board.

emily said...

Where's the pic of me??? I wish I was as cool as Tracy and Shep!!

Leslie said...

Those are really cute!!

liz said...

it totally is you and shep - except it's 50lbs more of him ; )

thomalee said...

SO cute! I made somthing like this a few years ago that wasn't nearly as cute and much more complicated...I think I'll try your version :)

Jen said...

Nice work!

Blessed Family said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing, Heidi

Candy said...


lynne said...

those are adorable!!

Hatch Family said...

the boards turned out really cute! i like 'em!

Holly said...

the cork boards are so cute! I bought the same cork boards from wal-mart, hung them on the wall with the "stickers" that came with it, and by the morning they were on the floor with my 2 yr old tearing them to shreds! How did you hang them on the wall?


Anonymous said...

I spray painted the cork boards and also used the
sticky pads that came with the cork plus I bought
additional stickies, and the next morning mine were all over the floor with corners broken. Very frustrating!! Any suggetions???? PLEASE!!!

Anonymous said...

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Jill T said...

I went to Pottery Barn Kids today and they are selling the same thing for almost $30--for just one! When I took a look at it, I thought that I would try making it myself and found your blog. I can't wait to go and get my fabric and 3 pack cork boards from Wal-mart! Thanks for posting the instructions. Although it is simple, those of us who aren't crafty sure appreciate step by step instructions!