Sunday, October 19, 2008

13 days of halloween

I took this picture last year, but it still give me the creeps just remembering it!

Just for fun I thought we'd do the 13 days of Halloween count down this year. Here's out list just in case you're interested in counting down too!

Day 1: (starting today - sorry for the late post!): pull out the Halloween decorations and put them up. I got some really fun bat garland from Michael's (courtesy of Martha of course!)

Day 2: Wear a fun Halloween outfit to preschool (picture to come).

Day 3: Make spooky invisible suckers.

Day 4: Make pumpkin ornaments.

Day 5: Watch a Halloween movie.

Day 6: Read some Halloween stories.

Day 7: Make a pumpkin bird feeder.

Day 8: Make Creep Cakes.

Day 9: Write a Spooky story.

Day 10: Color some spooky pictures.

Day 11: Stitch some dot-to-dot cards.

Day 12: Carve Pumpkins.

Day 13: Happy Halloween!!!


Hatch Family said...

great list of halloween activities. i may just have to borrow this list.

LisaLou said...

Thanks for the template. I am TOTALLY addicted to you! Where do you find all your cute stuff but more importantly, where do you find the time to do them? How many kids do you have? I just finished sewing Halloween costumes for my 4 kids (2 large wizard capes with appliqu├ęd silver stars and felt hats, one flower fairy and one mermaid--aahhh!) and I feel like the house has gone crazy while I was sewing. As if no on else can clean up a bit!

thomalee said...

what fun ideas!! maybe I'll have to steal a few :)

Shea said...

What a fantastic list of Halloween activities..! Happy Halloween.

Mary said...

Love the great Halloween ideas!