Thursday, November 6, 2008

tutorial: covered button ponytail holder

This tutorial is probably unnecessary because it's pretty simple. I figured out a newer faster way to do it than the way I had originally been doing it, so I thought I'd share. I bought thin ponytail holders and a covered button kit that has 1 1/2" buttons. Any size button will do though. Then you need a strong piece of string.

Wrap your string around the elastic and insert it through the back of the button shank loop thing. Pull
Then Knot
Follow the directions on the box to cover the button. On the bigger buttons you can put a layer of muslin in between the button and the cute fabric. I highly recommend doing this so that the metal doesn't shine through the fabric. (I tried doing this on the smaller buttons, but it doesn't seem to work - too thick.)These make great, inexpensive gifts (especially if you can use a coupon at Joanns or check on etsy. Beware: these are very addicting to make!


lynne said...

so cute!! that is a great gift idea.

- Tracy said...

I wished we had some longer hair in this household. I think that is a great little project.

Jen said...

♥♥♥ this!!!!