Monday, January 12, 2009

tutorial: nursing cover

As a crafty (and cheap) person, when I see something I love I wonder if I could make it myself. My sister-in-law is having a baby in the next couple of weeks and I thought I'd give her a nursing cover. Have you seen them online? She's a very stealth nurser actually (unlike me who practically has to get undressed in order to nurse), and probably doesn't need one of these, but they are easy to put in the diaper bag and are convenient while in public (and MUCH easier then trying to hold a blanket down with your chin while hoping said wiggly baby makes it to the right place and no one gets flashed). Here is a tutorial for my version of a nursing cover. It's VERY easy - like a big apron.


*36" x 30" piece of fabric (I didn't have a big enough piece, so I put another fabric with it so that the total size was right.
*2 D-rings
*Strap for D-rings is 4" by 6"
*Strap for length is 4" by however long you want.
*10" x 10" square of fabric for a pocket on the inside corner (handy for nursing pads/ binkies, etc).
*approx. 17" piece of plastic boning, maybe 1/2" wide. You can find it by the yard at Joanns. It's hard plastic that goes into corsets or lingerie. We want it curved so that mom can see baby.

Step 1a: Cut your fabric. If you have to use two pieces like me, sew them right sides together, and then sew the seam up towards the top piece on the wrong side.

Step 1b: Serge all sides of your large piece. If you don't have a serger you'll be rolling the hem later in a couple of steps.

Step 2: take the 10" x 10" square and fold it in half (wrong sides together) to make a triangle. Sew a line across the length of the folded edge.

Step 3: Pin triangle in the bottom corner of the wrong side of the fabric. Leave enough space for your rolled/serged hem to go over the edge of the triangle.

Step 4: Roll hem (or fold over if serged) on the bottom and sides.

Step 5: Make straps. Sew each one wrong side together lengthwise. Flip right-side out. On the longest strap tuck the ends into itself and sew across. On the short one thread the D-rings on and then sew across the strap close to the rings to keep them in place. Serge or Pink raw edge of strap.
Step 6: Put the straps on the fabric. With large piece wrong side up measure in 12 inches on each side. Make sure you've rolled your hem or folded it down if serged. This is where you'll place the outside edge of the straps. Pin them in place. On one side, sew from the edge of the large piece to over the edge of the first strap. Then, move over approx. 1 inch and sew to the other edge (going over the second strap) This makes a casing for the boning.

Step 7: To stabilize the straps and make it easier for the next step, sew a square at the bottom of each strap.

Step 8: Insert the boning. The boning has a curve in it so that it's easy for mom to view the baby. Make sure the curve makes the fabric stick out in the right direction (visualize mom wearing it and it sticking out AWAY from her). Slide it in until it hits the other strap. You may have to clip the boning to make it shorter. Sew the opening closed. I also sewed close to the top all the way across in hopes that the boning won't twist around when washed. Plus, it looks nice.
Viola: baby gift.


Anonymous said...

Hello Liz!

I have one of those and I love it! They are the greatest baby gift!

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lynne said...

Liz! I'm going to make this for Melissa! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!!

And - I LOVE the CD you made me. Aida and I are obsessed especially with "New Soul" - in the car she keeps saying, again! again! All the songs are SO good. Thank you SO much!!!!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Great idea! Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Seriously are so talented and amazing. I wish I lived closer to you so that I could watch you make your stuff first hand. WOW! K...I'm plugging in my sewing machine and hope to create something that will stay stitched together!

G and G Nut said...

I just saw one of these at my daughter's house and Au Bebe charges $35 for them. Thanks for the tutorial. None of my family will ever have to pay that price again!