Saturday, June 27, 2009

trailer park donuts

Wow! Has it really been since June 8th that we last posted?? Sheesh!

Well, I've been at the beach all week long and before that have been doing lots of loan signings. Every where I go there is a bakery. Tracy wants to open a bakery one of these days so I tend to notice them more. I thought this cupcake shop in Mill Valley was really cute. I love the way she displayed her cupcakes.
I did not try one though. I'm more of a pizza gal. If I could buy pizza every where I went I would. That should be my mission - to find the best pizza place in the Bay Area.

Anyway... my husband made these donuts the other day. I've named them "Trailer Park" donuts - not to say that if YOU live in a trailer you couldn't make the fancy kind of donuts. They are fast, easy, and cheap. And surprisingly delish!


*Those biscuits that you buy in a tube

*Vegetable Oil

cinnamon/sugar mixture
powdered sugar
glaze or chocolate frosting

Smoosh the individual biscuit a little and tear a little hole in the center. This is usually my 5 year old's job.
Then fry in oil until golden brown on each side. Transfer to a plate. If you use the cinnamon/sugar or the powdered sugar just put it in a gallon zip lock bag then it's easy to put one doughnut in and shake it up. The glaze is really yummy too. I must admit... we've had these more often than we probably should, but really - the biscuits are only $.59 a tube - maybe I should call them Recession Doughnuts. (that might be more P.C.)

Monday, June 8, 2009

speaking of skirts

This past weekend we went to a birthday party - petting zoo and pony rides - totally fun. I made this little shirt and hair clip for the birthday girl.I originally was going to put two sea horses on the shirt, but decided on one. I had already cut the second one out, so went to Anna's closet and found a white tank top.It's always fun having a matching skirt, so I made a skirt yesterday from the Lazy Days Skirt pattern (free!) from Oliver +S. If you are a beginning sewer this is the skirt for you! It's the easiest thing I've ever sewn. Really. The ribbon hem was so fun to do that I'm tempted to hem everything I ever have to hem again that way (but reverse so the ribbon is on the inside). Seriously.

I added the rick rack and velvet ribbon just for fun. Maybe I'll add some to the shirt too...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Skirts

 I found the The cutest, easiest pattern.  It is by a company called Pink Fig Patterns. The instructions in the pattern stated that the "Girly Skirt" would take about an hour make and it truly did. I love it when that happens.  Also the coolest part is that we went shopping the day after I made this skirt for my little one and found an adult version on sale at the Gap for cheaper then I could make it for, so I had to buy It. I have been living in this skirt, it is so comfy I think I am going to use it as a reference and make another one for me. There is something about summer living that requires a flowing skirt, right!  P.S. I cleaned my sewing room (Ali, I hope you have cleaned yours too!) I need to post the before and after pics it is kind of embarrassing. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

we suck

My iPhoto isn't uploading pics from my camera. Tracy's iPhoto has a billion pictures in it and she doesn't have any room for any more pictures. (She thinks she needs a new computer. I think she needs an external hardrive. What do you think?)

I have been going on a lot of adventures lately doing the notary thing -Point Richmond (beautiful! and the house I went to was built on stilts out over the ocean. Their backyard was their deck and a boat. (The one pic I took from my iPhone got deleted.), Emeryville, which isn't too exciting other than it's only 2 miles away from the Crate and Barrel Outlet, which has some amazing deals.
I got a few yards of this Marimekko home dec weight fabric for only $4.95/yd (normall $80/yd I was told).

Other than that, I can't make my mind up for what to do. Fabric covered button magnets for teachers gifts. A new dress with a Kimono style sash. I started pillows from the cover of the latest issue Stitch Magazine. Should I cut into the above fabric for the dress? Just go swimming instead. Hmmm...