Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Skirts

 I found the The cutest, easiest pattern.  It is by a company called Pink Fig Patterns. The instructions in the pattern stated that the "Girly Skirt" would take about an hour make and it truly did. I love it when that happens.  Also the coolest part is that we went shopping the day after I made this skirt for my little one and found an adult version on sale at the Gap for cheaper then I could make it for, so I had to buy It. I have been living in this skirt, it is so comfy I think I am going to use it as a reference and make another one for me. There is something about summer living that requires a flowing skirt, right!  P.S. I cleaned my sewing room (Ali, I hope you have cleaned yours too!) I need to post the before and after pics it is kind of embarrassing. 


Liz R. said...

totally cute. it does look like the edith twirl skirt w/o the underskirt.

what were the measurement width wise for this skirt?

Anonymous said...

I love Pink Fig patterns! The Patchwork Twirly skirt is great, too, but definately NOT an hour-long project.

Romero said...

hola chicas. your blog is fantastic! me encanto.
las seguire!