Tuesday, June 2, 2009

we suck

My iPhoto isn't uploading pics from my camera. Tracy's iPhoto has a billion pictures in it and she doesn't have any room for any more pictures. (She thinks she needs a new computer. I think she needs an external hardrive. What do you think?)

I have been going on a lot of adventures lately doing the notary thing -Point Richmond (beautiful! and the house I went to was built on stilts out over the ocean. Their backyard was their deck and a boat. (The one pic I took from my iPhone got deleted.), Emeryville, which isn't too exciting other than it's only 2 miles away from the Crate and Barrel Outlet, which has some amazing deals.
I got a few yards of this Marimekko home dec weight fabric for only $4.95/yd (normall $80/yd I was told).

Other than that, I can't make my mind up for what to do. Fabric covered button magnets for teachers gifts. A new dress with a Kimono style sash. I started pillows from the cover of the latest issue Stitch Magazine. Should I cut into the above fabric for the dress? Just go swimming instead. Hmmm...


ali said...

nice find!

I vote for the external hard drive

Jen said...

Dress, dress, dress!
♥ Jen