Tuesday, December 30, 2008

still sorta M.I.A

I'm back, sort of. I'm not sure I'm ready to really be back yet. We went to visit my family (and T) in Utah over Christmas and it was idealic! Nothing to do. Nothing left to sew for Christmas. No church callings or work to handle. Nothing but playing in the snow with the kids. And shoveling snow with the 4-wheeler. So fun! (especially for us California people).

Anyway, there are crafts to share. . . but I wanted to show you this blog that a friend of mine shared with me. It's a whole years worth of crock pot recipes. No recipe book to buy. Love that. My goal for this next year is to plan meals for the month. I used to do this and it was so nice to not have to worry about "what's for dinner" and if I changed my mind, I had ingredients for another day. Plus - so much money is saved not running to the store a few times a month. So far, January looks like a month of crock pot yummy-ness.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pillow for my Sis

My little sister moved into her very own place this year. It was a big step in my eyes considering I have never lived alone. while contemplating what to get her for Christmas, her lack of furnishings played apart in the decision making.  I made her a throw pillow to start with, in the colors of her new living room. I got the pattern from the latest issue of Stitch magazine.  I really enjoyed making this and I used a lot of scraps which was great because my scrap bin is over loaded. If you are considering buying this magazine, go for it.  It has so many great project ideas and patterns for a couple of  skirts. I have yet to try to make the the skirts. It is hard to find time to sew for yourself this time of the year but I will be making one come January for sure.   

Thursday, December 11, 2008

an un-ADVENT-ful december

I have been wanting an Advent Calendar for a while now. It wasn't until this past October that I saw one that I liked at Pottery Barn Kids. (I can't find the link. It must be sold out). I've had a hard time finding exactly the one I want. There are so many fun ideas out there. It's fun to look at everyones creations. Do you think it would be crazy to have a couple Advent calendars??

Anyway, I started this one in October. I only made it to day 15. The blank spots are going to be for big numbers. I still need to finish some of the ones that are in the picture too. I guess I could have continued working on the days to come, but I have so much that I'm sewing for Christmas and other people that I just couldn't fit in one more craft. (Plus, we're going out of town on the 19th and won't be here to finish it anyway). That's ok. I'll get it done by next year. I will. I promise. I can do it.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Something for the kids.

I have been working on Christmas projects for a couple of weeks now. Nothing overly fancy but at the same time I will have to wait to post some until the holidays are over. We had a little extra time today and I thought it would be fun for my kids to do a little project of there own. My children are seven and four and both have taken an interest in sewing. So what ever knowledge I have to give has been fun for me to pass on. We started are Gingerbread man and stocking with some simple felt squares and traced two cookie cutters for the design. I taught my older daughter how to do the blanket stitch and off she went. I worked on the whip stitch with my four year and was amazed how it held her attention. All said and done I am proud of my little hand sewers and I think they are proud of their ornaments.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

giveaway day

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving! We are back (well, I am. Tracy I hear is sick!) and are ready for our first ever giveaway. Love giveaways? Sew Mama Sew is hosting a giveaway day over on their blog. Click here if you're interested in entering in some more.

What we're giving away:
1 Amy Butler Anna Tunic Pattern
Very cute over a long-sleeved T-shirt. (view here)

What we want:: tell us your favorite Christmas/Holiday song and who sings it.

We'll pick a number randomly on the 4th and get it in the mail this week. US mailing addresses only.

edit - we'll leave the giveaway up until Friday at midnight and then pick a winner Saturday.

Good Luck!