Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pillow for my Sis

My little sister moved into her very own place this year. It was a big step in my eyes considering I have never lived alone. while contemplating what to get her for Christmas, her lack of furnishings played apart in the decision making.  I made her a throw pillow to start with, in the colors of her new living room. I got the pattern from the latest issue of Stitch magazine.  I really enjoyed making this and I used a lot of scraps which was great because my scrap bin is over loaded. If you are considering buying this magazine, go for it.  It has so many great project ideas and patterns for a couple of  skirts. I have yet to try to make the the skirts. It is hard to find time to sew for yourself this time of the year but I will be making one come January for sure.   


Liz R. said...

Tracy, I LOVE the pillow! I think she will love it too. great job. I"m going to have to try that pattern in January.

which skirt are you making? i like the one on the cover.

Olivia said...


Lisa said...

I really love this pillow--you have so many cute scraps! I don't even have one decent thing I would consider, let alone a dozen!