Saturday, June 27, 2009

trailer park donuts

Wow! Has it really been since June 8th that we last posted?? Sheesh!

Well, I've been at the beach all week long and before that have been doing lots of loan signings. Every where I go there is a bakery. Tracy wants to open a bakery one of these days so I tend to notice them more. I thought this cupcake shop in Mill Valley was really cute. I love the way she displayed her cupcakes.
I did not try one though. I'm more of a pizza gal. If I could buy pizza every where I went I would. That should be my mission - to find the best pizza place in the Bay Area.

Anyway... my husband made these donuts the other day. I've named them "Trailer Park" donuts - not to say that if YOU live in a trailer you couldn't make the fancy kind of donuts. They are fast, easy, and cheap. And surprisingly delish!


*Those biscuits that you buy in a tube

*Vegetable Oil

cinnamon/sugar mixture
powdered sugar
glaze or chocolate frosting

Smoosh the individual biscuit a little and tear a little hole in the center. This is usually my 5 year old's job.
Then fry in oil until golden brown on each side. Transfer to a plate. If you use the cinnamon/sugar or the powdered sugar just put it in a gallon zip lock bag then it's easy to put one doughnut in and shake it up. The glaze is really yummy too. I must admit... we've had these more often than we probably should, but really - the biscuits are only $.59 a tube - maybe I should call them Recession Doughnuts. (that might be more P.C.)


Jen said...

And oooooh so good!
♥ Jen

mkamye said...

Austin and I made these a few months ago. I think the oil we cooked them in was rancid or something because they tasted so awful I'm afraid to ever try making them again! Glad you guys had a better experience!!

ali said...

those look good! And I love the latest sewing project too, but I'm too lazy to comment on two posts ;)

Rae said...

Ooh yum! Love how those look. Must try!!!

Well I'm sure your notary work would never take you this far, but if you ever take friends down to Hearst Castle, there's a french bakery in Cambria (or was when I lived in Walnut Creek a few years ago) that is to die for. When I'm craving pastries I have fantasies about this place. Have you ever been?

liz said...

no - i've never been down to hearst castle. i've always wanted to though. maybe next time tracy comes to visit we'll have to take a road trip!

- Tracy said...

I think that sounds like a perfect plan. I have always wanted to go to hearst castle.

- Tracy said...

Someone told me that in the bay area Donuts are the new cupcakes.....look how trendy you are!

lynne said...