Thursday, July 2, 2009


I love Summer for so many reasons. One reason is the flowers and colors it bring to the landscape. Don't get me wrong I love winter too, but after awhile I get really sick of seeing white. To spread the joy of color to the indoors I make a couple of little bouquets once a week and put them in the kitchen and where ever needs a little summery pick me up.  My oldest Daughter is eight and has a genuine love of all things crafty.  So the two of us grabbed a vase and some garden shears and set out to the garden. We snipped a few herb and flowers and bunched them in our vases. I was so proud of her flower arranging abilities and glad that we found a project to share.  Summers is the best, now if it would just stop raining!

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ali said...

very cute! We're lacking in flowers at my house :(