Saturday, July 25, 2009

there's more where that came from

Ok... here's my final list for destash. As a reminder, here's the deal:

*pay via paypal

*prices are fab - so you have to pay the paypal fees ($.30 +3%)

*priority shipping (flat rate): ranges $4.95-$13.95 US prices depending on how much fabric you get. I can probably get 5 yards of the home dec stuff in the $4.95 envelope)

**let me know your zip code when you comment/email me**

*I'm happy to ship internationally, you just have to pay for it. You can see prices here.

*Please pay within 24 hours from when I contact you. After that I'll put it up again.

*To "order" post a comment or send me an email at lizandrobreese at yahoo dot com.


Here's everything. The price is $7 per yard (so cheap you could probably buy it and sell it on etsy for $12/yd ... I'm just not that patient.)

I tried to put links with all of the fabric so you could get inspired.

Amy Butler Nigella Home Dec weight fabric. Cotton Sateen. 54" wide. Great for bags and such!Woodfern Brick: 2 yards available SOLDWoodfern Green: 2 yards available SOLDPassion vine River: 4 yards available SOLDRitzy Stripe Sky: 2 yards available Passion Vine Grey: 2 yards available SOLD

The next bunch are all Joel Dewberry from the Ginseng line. Also Home Dec. Cotton Sateen. 54". Also $7/yd.
Tossed Flowers Celery: 4 yards available Tiles Celery: 1 yards available SOLD
Tiles Flax: 2 yards available SOLDModern Bud flax: 3 yards available SOLDOrchid Raspberry: 3 yards available **SOLD**
Orchid Celery: 1 yards available SOLD

**btw: the cheapest I found any of this online while searching for links was $9.90 a yard (and that was for the Ritzy stuff)

You can see a couple of other things - like a pattern - for sale here and a couple other yards of fabric.


Emily said...

I like the bottom 2!!!You should save them for when I have a might be another 10 years :D

liz said...

gotcha sista!

- Tracy said...

Can I have both of the celerys 1 yd of each unless you are saving some for emily. he he

Inoureyes said...

Could i please have Passion vine river 2 yards
and a yard each of woodfern brick and woodfern green. Cheers, Melissa

Inoureyes said...

Unless you are selling them in full yardage. Then i will have the lot! Just didn't want to be greedy

marymary said...

I would love the other two yards of Passion Vine river.