Wednesday, August 5, 2009

seeing red

We were out of town for a week and had a bunch of tomatoes waiting for us when we returned. No one except for me likes tomatoes in my family, but they all love salsa. I like to make it and then freeze it in baggies. My recipe is not an exact science but more to taste... but I'll share the basic idea.

*A bunch of tomatoes. 8-ish I guess. Cut up and reserve a couple for the end so you can have chunky salsa.
*1 Jalapeno pepper
*1/2 red onion
*1/2 clove garlic
*salt and pepper
*cilantro (I don't add this, but I think most people would like it with some).

puree all together.

I do have a question for Tracy though - how do you thicken it? For example, when it's refrigerated the liquid separates from the rest. I just shake it up and it's fine again, but should I add something else to it?


- Tracy said...

I have to say I am way jealous, my tomatoes haven't turned red yet. If you want the salsa thicker I would seed the tomatoes before you puree them. Which takes awhile so I would just stick to the stirring it up method.

Candy said...

I have a ton of tomatoes but not enough to can. I think I will try out this recipe. Tracy... you can have some of mine, just come grab some.