Friday, August 21, 2009

baby gifts

I originally bought this fabric in hopes to redo my kids (shared) bedroom. Anna's side would be super girlie and feminine in turquoise and red and Carson's side would be simple and straight-lined in grey/turquoise and red rocket fabric. Well, my husband's car had other ideas in mind for our money. So, game off. But I still have this lovely fabric. I'm sure you'll see an outfit for Anna in the future, but I HAD to use it now. It was burning a hole in my sewing cabinet so-to-speak. My good friend from High School is embarking on the grand adventure of motherhood and is having a baby girl. I've been trying to decide what to make her, but it seems that bibs are my old stand-by. I love to make them. They are so easy and fun. If you need a pattern, I posted one here.

I've made the bibs a lot. I like to back them in terry cloth - if you use terry cloth beware that it stretches so sew it on with the terry cloth against the presser foot and the pretty fabric against the feed dogs (does that make sense??) Anyway, I've tried sewing on velcro, buttons, and snaps. My final verdict on the closure is BUTTONS. It can't be pulled off, it doesn't stick to other clothes in the dryer, and I've heard that the snaps fell off of some bibs I gave a friend a while ago. Plus, buttons are always a fun detail and it's good practice making button holes.


Karen said...

I totally agree about buttons. I've had snaps fall off, which is horrifying; and of course velcro is too easy for little hands to undo. Ties seem to work well too, depending on the bib design.

Also, those are some super cute bibs.

ali said...

very cute!