Thursday, August 13, 2009

School Girl

My daughter started Kindergarten yesterday. Of course she had to have a new outfit since all of life's major events require new outfits.

This is the (slightly revised) Oliver +S Sailboat Top and Skirt. I originally bought this pattern to make the cute little Capri pants version (here), but having taken an inventory of my daughters clothes she definitely does not need pants. Plus, it's still 98 degrees here.

I have to admit that I rarely really like the things that I make. I just wonder if I'd actually buy them if I saw them in the store - but I have to admit, I'm really happy with this little outfit. Something about red and white just makes me smile!
The pattern is really easy to follow and, of course, fun to make. I always enjoy sewing from this company. The fit is always great and I always learn something new. Plus their patterns are classic and traditional.

I made the following changes:

*I used 7/8" buttons (calls for 5/8") for the skirt

*Instead of long sleeves I just used bias tape to finish off the edges for a more summer-y version.

*Added a ribbon sash - the shirt is a little boxy, which is understandable since it's designed for boys and girls. I thought the sash would add a little shape and fun.

*Used a basic running stitch with embroidery floss to outline the skirt.
If you are a beginning sewer I totally recommend this pattern if you're wanting to sew for your kids. I always find buttons a little tricky (mostly the getting them even part), but pull out your manual and figure it out. Don't let buttons scare you away from making cute things. You can unpick them just like you can anything else (unless you've already cut the slit... then you're in trouble).

This outfit (sort of) completes the "spring collection", although it's not technically stated - I used the intended pattern just a little differently. Stay tuned for the Fall/Winter collection. It will mostly consist of shirts, a dress, and possibly a coat considering Anna has 5 pairs of jean, 7 pairs of Capri pants, 4 skirts... this girl does NOT need more clothes. I on the other hand...


mkamye said...

This outfit is absolutely adorable. I really like the skirt!

ali said...

very cute! I love the white stitching.

random-charm Cindy said...

lovely! the white stitching is a really great touch.

Anonymous said...

Love it! The embroidery stitching and buttons are just charming! What type of fabric exactly did you use?

liz said...

thanks everyone!

fabric - i just got it at joanns fabric. it's some sort of "bottom weight". canvas-ish but not quite as heavy as canvas. sorry i don't have an exact answer for you... it's the same fabric that khaki pants are made out of, just a different color.

Lisa said...

Wow--I just can't ever look at a pattern and visualize an outfit I would purchase. This looks like Gymboree!! I also love the stitching on the skirt. You are so creative. I live vicariously through your sewin,g as I have had the round neck top (2 actually) cut out since April. Good thing I have a younger daughter that will eventually be able to wear them since it doesn't look like I will get them put together before the 4 year old is 5!

Liz R. said...

hey lisa-
thanks! finish those shirts though! they run big and your 4 year old can still wear it when she's 5 ; )

Karen said...

That skirt is perfect. I think the bigger buttons and the embroidery really make it sharp.

The Lauper Family said...

AAAAAdorable!!! So stinking adorable! Love!