Saturday, March 14, 2009

"spring collection"

Ha ha! Just kidding. My husband was teasing me as I was doing this... I tried to scan the pictures in, but my paper is too big so it just wasn't showing up in the scan for some reason.

Heather Ross has a new book out - Weekend Sewing. It's a fun book and a little different from other craft books (once you get past the projects on sewing napkins and hostess aprons), because there are a bunch of patterns for women's clothing. She is having a design challenge to create a Summer wardrobe from projects from the book. It is so fun to see what people are going to do and inspired me to do something similar for Anna's Spring/Summer clothes. I was hoping to make all (OK, most) of her clothes this season, and this was a fun project that has helped me feel more organized. Since the pictures are so crummy I'll give you the details:
1. Portabello Pixie Clair dress (a mix of A and D - no apron add a ruffle) in Free Spirit Sugar Snap fabric. I'm not doing the apron, but the sash would be cute, so I'm doing that in the Robins Egg blue.

2. Oliver +S 2+2 short-sleeved blouse: Ava Rose pink polka dots and Robins Egg Blue bias. Portabello Pixie Single Ruffle Capris in white Twill (from Joanns) w/ the pink for the ruffle that is hemmed w/ the Blue bias strip. **I started this already. It turns out I don't have enough Ava Rose for the ruffle on the pants. I think I'll just do a white ruffle and maybe do a bias hem w/ the pink.**1. Edith Twirl Skirt view B in Heather Ross's pink bicycle fabric the dots (bottom of main piece and the ruffle) and stripes (for bias) are hers too.

2. Oliver +S Bubble Dress (without the "bubble"): Pink Ta Dot with Robins Egg Blue lining. Blue buttons on back - probably fabric covered.

3. Butterick 4966 View B in Pink Linen from Joanns. Take out the zipper in the back and add buttons instead. Possibly shorten to more of a tunic-length.

1. Oliver +S Sailer Top/Pants/Skirt: red Twill for Capris with white buttons. I'm making an extra pair of Kakhi one's just for something basic that can go with anything. The top is sale fabric from Joanns.

2. Dainty Designs short sleeved top in Amy Butler Pink Wallflower. No ruffle.

3. Dainty Designs short sleeved top in Sandi Henderson Ginger Blossom fabric. Main will be the green Bouquet, and the arms and ruffle will be the Lime dot. Pants are Portabello Pixie Single Ruffle Capris in white twill with the Lime dot for the ruffle.

I figured out why I liked doing this. It was like homework. I miss school. I know, I'm a dork... now you know.


Allie said...

Looks like so much fun! I wish you were making MY summer wardrobe! I can't wait to see pictures of what you make.

- Tracy said...

You are so skilled!!!!!! I can wait to see pics. Anna is going to be the most styling girl around.

- Tracy said...

I mean I can't wait! Gee whiz I really need to start pre-reading things before I post.

Silcox Stories said...

Make the Butterick one first and tell me if it's something a basic seamstress, such as myself could make! If not I'll pay you to make one for Lauren too :). I still want to make the sweet corduroy jumper too. There just aren't enough hours in a day!

lynne said...

liz - that is so professional looking! can i see it in person? i need to be inspired and this looks like it will do the job nicely -- you have such a great way of putting fabrics together -

Miss Behave said...

Oh I'm loving the "work sheets"! Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks so much for the tips!!