Thursday, March 19, 2009

2 down

I finished these two outfits this past weekend. Anna wore the green one on St. Patricks Day. I didn't plan it that way, but it just worked out. Very festive.

I love LOVE the Oliver +S 2+2 pattern. Worth the purchase for sure. I made a long sleeved shirt for Anna for Christmas and here is the short-sleeved version. It's a really fun pattern to sew because it's a total surprise how it's put together. Some patterns you can see what the next step will be before you even read it, but with this one you follow the instructions, hope for the best, and viola - it worked! I made the skirt in a corduroy at Christmas. It's fun too, but I need to try it again. I will. And then I'll show you that one. Overall, great pattern!

I'm trying really hard to just sew from my stash, so the buttons are a little mismatched, but I think they still turned out cute. A while ago I inherited (stole) my mom's button jar that has 1's and 2's of a lot of cutebuttons. I bought the rose flowers from Joanns and found the clear buttons in the stash.

Again, the capris are the Single Ruffle Capris from Portabello Pixie. I'm always a little unsure of pants with ruffles on them... sometimes they seem a little costume-y, but I think these turned out cute. I'd even consider making them without the ruffle because I like the wide-leg gaucho look. Maybe for the Fall in corduroy with boots. Cute. The pattern is cut for a rolled-hem for a serger. I have a serger, but have never attempted the rolled-hem. It's hard to see I think, but I hemmed them with coordinating bias tape. I think it turned out cute and was very easy.

So far she's gotten lots of compliments on her outfits when we've been out. That's fun for me... I mean her...

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ali said...

I love that oliver + s shirt, It didn't stan out to me on the website, but every one I see pictures of that someone else made I love... So I think i'll have to get that one..

I hear you about the sewing from your stash, I'm really trying to do that too. It's amazing how easy it is to spend a TON of money on fabric and then never use it ;)