Thursday, July 9, 2009


It was totally fate that I ended up here after a signing yesterday. Here's why:

1. These two places are in Emeryville. I was in San Rafael (15 freeway miles away). I got off the exit looking for something else and saw Pizza My Heart out of the corner of my eye. I knew it was the place for me.

2. I found street parking in an impossible place to find parking. Plus, I didn't have to parallel park - I pulled right in.

3. I found $5 in my notary bag. I don't even know where that $5 came from! It normally JUST holds my notary stuff.

4. They sell pizza by the slice. I had a slice of pesto chicken - yum! It had tomato sauce w/ chunks of pesto sauce and tomatoes and chicken.



EVER. Really.

5. Pizza shop next door to a bakery. Hello! This looks like a place Tracy and I could spend a lot of time at on her next visit. And it's in a huge shopping complex.

See. Fate.

And what about that name. Pizza my Heart. *sigh*


- Tracy said...

Oh man that was fate! We need to add this place to the list of places to visit for sure.

Emily said...

LOL I love you!! That's totally the best!!

Jen said...

Two words...Road Trip!...PLEASE!
♥ Jen
I'll even drive!!!!

thomalee said...

We LOVE Pizza My Heart!!!! And we've even been to that exact one and of course Teacake Bakeshop...I have to say the Pizza was better on that stop (usually the bakery would always win with me), maybe I didn't pick the best thing that trip. Fun place anyway!