Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hope all you locals had a fun 4th of July. It doesn't seem like a true holiday without a celebratory outfit does it? Here our ours:
With the leftover fabric from this shirt, I figured I try making a Pillowcase dress for Anna using the free tutorial/pattern by Habitual. It was easy to make, but I have to admit to not following any of the directions, so maybe that's not a fair assessment of the pattern.
For the boy
It's reverse applique Alabama Chanin style (thread ends on the outside). Once I finished it I thought I should have done a tutorial, but here's another one if you really are interested. I TAPE my fabric to the inside with masking tape instead of pinning though.


Hatch Family said...

anna's 4th of july dress turned out really cute. good job!

- Tracy said...

I love the bias stripe on the dress, it looks so good.

- Tracy said...
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ali said...

so cute! I'll have to make a dress like that for my girl. Add it to the long list of things to make!