Thursday, January 8, 2009


I was getting dressed for church on Sunday and realized that I needed a new skirt. So, this week I made two from this pattern. I'll post pictures eventually and do a little review and all, but - well, my husband is only home when it's dark outside and and my 4 year old is a little shaky with the camera. Plus, I can't find my camera.

In my mind I was planning on making 3 skirts. Not sure why 3. The third one I'm planning on making is from Stitch magazine - the one one the cover. The picture above is the insert from the magazine that has three "Full-scale skirt patterns" on it. I took the picture with my iPhone, so it's not great, but I think you get the idea. I've been sitting here for an hour trying to decipher how to pull one pattern from a two sided piece of paper with three different full sized skirts and five different sizes per skirt. Wow. I need some Advil. It makes me go cross-eyed. I'd love to finish it. I found some grey corduroy fabric from Joanns for only $2 a yard (it's 50% of clearance right now. . .)

If you didn't buy the magazine, but are interested in some free patterns, you can find them here.

Wish me luck! Picture of the others to follow. . .


Lisa said...

Can you pick up Stitch magazine in stores like Joann's or Michael's or do you have to order it? Love that Simplicity pattern--which view are you making?

Liz R. said...

yeah, i got my copy at joanns. i think it was $7??

On the pattern I made view A and B. I liked view A the best and will probably only make that one if I make it again.

thanks for your comment!