Tuesday, January 27, 2009

for the boy

If you've discovered our blog from Sew Mama Sew, then you've probably seen these PJ before here. They are pretty much the only thing I've ever made for Carson! There is nothing exciting about pajamas, but I wanted to share where you can get the pattern for the top as a free tutorial. I put them on him last night and he was SO excited. Who knew - he's only (almost) 2 and I figured he was never really paying attention to all of the stuff I was making for his sister. He had so much to say about the aliens and circles. Very cute.

BTW - thanks to those who took some of my stash off my hands. Now I have some money to go and buy more fabric ; ) There are still 3 yards left if any one is interested.


Anonymous said...

Love this kimono pattern. I can not wait to find time to make one. Just wondering what pattern you used for the pants.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful pattern.
Allison Rogers

liz said...

thanks allison! i just used a pattern that was from the same pattern as my daughter's halloween costume actually -they're just little elastic-waist pants. it was simplicity 3650.