Saturday, November 8, 2008

i'm not a foodie, but. . .

Tracy is actually the "foodie" having gone to school studying culinary arts. She's a GREAT resource for my pre-grocery shopping escapades to ask questions like "What's Mango chutney?" or "What isle do you think prosciutto is on?" (pretending like I KNOW what prosciutto is) and "Is Parmigiano Reggiano cheese the same thing as Parmesean cheese?" Stuff like that.

Here's some links to some tasty looking recipes I'd like to try:

Mini Fall Galettes
: as if I REALLY need an excuse to try another version of pie.

Peanut butter bars: I'm wondering if these are the same ones that used to get served with school lunch. Remember those? Mmmmm. . .

Fried Scones: with honey butter. Yummm. . .

Breakfast Burritos
: these just sound good to me.

Chicken Enchiladas: had to at least throw in 1 dinner!

What I'm REALLY looking for are good crock pot recipes. Does anyone have any???


- Tracy said...

Liz I have a recipe for dijon braised pork loin that we eat all of the time. That you cook in a crockpot. let me know if you want the recipe.

liz said...

for sure i want it! i love pork loin! and rob loves hunks of meat - so it'd work out for both of us ; )