Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 2

Here's the outfit from Day 2 on the list. It is this pattern. I found the fabric at Joanns for 50% off. It's very sweet little trick-or-treating teddy bears. Completely not my typical fabric choice, but there is just something sweet about it. I made it a dress for this year so that next year she can wear it as a long top with leggings.


LisaLou said...

I love this top, but it seems like all the patterns you recommend are sort of pricy. I'm used to picking up patterns at Joanns when they are on sale for$1. Do you find anything cute there in the regular butterick/simplicity/mccalls type stuff?

liz said...

Hi lisalou -

what's your email address? i'd love to chat that way!

i do have a lot of patterns that are from joanns, but i never really end up liking them. they are always huge, or too short. not to say i don't sew from them. i really like this mcalls 5697 pattern:

you can see a picture of it here:

LisaLou said...

my email is lisa_janae at hotmail dot com

I don't know why people write it out this way but I think it has something to do with spammers, so I assume I should too!

I like that jacket--looks hard!