Tuesday, October 28, 2008

what i learned

Sorry to butt in post-wise again Tracy, but I think I need to do this as therapy for having spent so much time on something that turned out so wrong.

The dress is Vogue 8468. I've spent the past couple nights cutting out the pattern and all day today sewing. It's fully lined - I mean fully. Even the sleeves are lined. I opted not to line the sleeves.
Sewing is about learning and here is what I learned. I guess you could consider this a pattern review of sorts:

1. Too much floral really is too much. Even if you love the pattern. Solid is probably best with accents of the floral. Unless you're a kid. Then anything goes.

2. Just because the drawn picture looks cute on the drawn model on the pattern cover doesn't mean that it's cute as a real dress on a real person.

3. The gathering is just above the chest causing that part of the dress to poof out - and not in a flattering way to those of us that could use a little poof.

4. I did learn how to put in a zipper (that's not an invisible one) and practice putting in sleeves. I made one size smaller than I measured.

Right now, I can't decide whether or not I'd try the dress again in a solid color. Maybe. Right now is not the time to decide. I would gather the top going all of the way across versus just "in between the small dots". I think that would solve the "poofing" problem. I'm not sure all of the lining is necessary either. It makes the dress feel very heavy. I would rather wear a slip underneath. Or use a silky lining.

Luckily there is enough fabric on the dress that I can use it for a dress for Anna or some bags or something. Bibs maybe.


- Tracy said...

I hate it when that happens! That is why I like sewing for little people, you don't have to worry about the poofs. thanks for the pattern review.

Jen said...

So sorry, but at least you leaned a lot. Do you dare post a pic of you in it? It is easier to see in context rather than out of context. I think it could be really, really cute. YOu could totally pull the look off!

LisaLou said...

What a bummer! Do you mean when you said there is enough fabric on the dress that you can use it for a dress for Anna that you are actually going to cut up the dress you made? It can't be that bad! That would be really heart breaking to cut up a fully finished (and lined!) dress.

Liz R. said...

Well. . .I don't think I would ever wear it. In fact, I know I wouldn't. The bust is just too awkward. I guess I could trying resewing that part and making some changes, but I'm not sure...

I'd hate to waste the fabric.

Kristi said...

I saw that fabric! Did you get it at JoAnns? I saw it and thought it would make a great duvet cover. Of course, that is all I make these days so it's always on my mind. krandy.etsy.com

Sorry it didn't turn out how you liked! I know how that feels.

lynne said...

bummer! it looks like it would be really cute. i hate it when that happens.