Thursday, October 23, 2008

Book Favorites!

    I love craft/sewing books. I mean how could you not?  Even if I don't read them or do any of the projects inside the books, they are most always very inspirational and full wonderful eye candy photos.  I thought I woulds tell you about three of my favs. The first is one of the first sewing books I ever bought "Denyse Schmidts Quilts" I love this book it is filled with basic projects and some really beautiful quilts. It was the first time I had really ever seen modern quilt patterns and it transformed my perspective on quilting.  The quilts in this book are not your Grandmas quilt they are unique and really fun.  Not that I have anything against traditional quilting patterns I just think this book is really refreshing. 

  The second book is "Sew U" by Wendy Mullin. This was one of the books I bought when I decided I wanted to start making clothing for myself.  It is a great place to start, with out being to simple. This is also one of the books I have read from cover to cover, and have used all of the patterns.  There is a basic skirt, shirt and a pair of pants and the best part is that she also shows you how to change the patterns to suit your style needs. I still use this book all the time as a reference.  

  The last book I have to admit I just got yesterday, but I already love it! It is "Seams To Me" by Anna Maria Horner.  I had to buy it!  I have used her fabric for a while and I also read her blog. I think she is amazing.   I was really excited to get this book, and so far the projects look really creative and different.  Which is one thing I have noticed in some of my other books is lacking.  I have several book that seem to contain the same projects. I mean how many instruction on making napkins does a girl need? but I really didn't find that from this book the patterns are more original. I can't wait to get started on the "Bow Peep Skirt" in this book.  

 Well these are my favorites I would love to hear what your favorites are, and I am always looking for the next book to buy so please post any suggestions!  

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Liz R. said...

i agree on the sew-u. it's been a good reference book when i don't get what simplicity is trying to tell me. i bought the "sew U home stretch" but haven't really looked at it much. i'm sure it's great though.

i want, no NEED the new AMH book. you'll have to post some of your completed projects for sure. Speaking of AMH. how are your chairs coming along?