Thursday, February 19, 2009

birthday stuff

Two years ago today I woke up in the middle of the night with contractions - 5 weeks early and 3 hours away from the hospital. But we made it! And now he gets to wear this fun little shirt for his birthday that I made him (well, I appliqued the 2 on at least).

I saw this fabric at a local quilt store and knew I had to do something fun with it. Birthday banners are the best! They make everything so festive. I made a template out of card board for the triangles. I experimented with a few methods, but decided the best way for me was to sandwich felt in between the two triangles (so there is fabric on the front and back). The edges are raw. I prefer the felt in the middle because it makes the triangle a little more substantial. The triangles are 6" by 8". I could post a pdf for the template if anyone is interested.
Last of all - jumbo Space cupcakes - get it? Earth, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Outer space. Mars! I forgot the Red Planet - oh! That would have been so easy too! duh! I'm not a crafty cooking/baking person, but I have to admit, I though myself very clever with these. A few years ago I bought a Cake Decorating Delux kit from Williams Sonoma for a steal (only $10!). There is everything you could want to decorate cakes and cookies in that kit! Sugar sprinkles and food coloring in every color you could ever want - even brown. It was fun figuring out how to make the cupcakes look space-y. My sister told me I have to much time on my hands ; )

Happy Birthday (baby) C!


Barbara Brown said...

happy birthday to your little guy. what a clever theme. love the cupcakes and everything else.
barbara brown

melissa said...

I LOVE your birthday banner! I would hang it in my house all year long.

Jen said...

I cannot believe that was two years ago! It seems like last month! When are you going to realize that EVERYTHING you do turns out unbelievable?...repeat after me: I am crafty. I am a baker. I am good at it all! All who know me wish they had my talent.