Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sassy Anna

I made this dress for Anna for her birthday last year. Now it finally fits right, except it's shortish so I put pants underneath it. I like it better this way I think.

It's Simplicity 3513. I made a shirt with it in the Fall too (blue whale shirt).

I said to Anna, "Let's go outside. I want to take a picture of your dress." She struck a pose. Standing like that I can see the young adult in her! *sigh*


Barbara Brown said...

so sweet. i've also sewn with that pattern. it is a very cute one. looks good with the shirt and pants under it.

ali said...

That's adorable! I love the fabric!

melissa said...

Oh simply beautiful!

Autie said...

that is totally cute. i love the fabric, too. i don't know what is up with my blog, but i will try to figure out the not-posting-all-my-comments issue. (i love getting your comments!) also, i want to know where tracy got the baby quilt pattern. love it and i even have some of the fish fabric in my stash.