Monday, February 9, 2009

handbag tutorials

I've been wanting a new bag lately. It's hard to find just the right one. I'm in that mommy stage where the most practicle bag is probably a messanger-style bag, but what I really want is - well, I couldn't pick just one. Maybe I should just make one...

Here are some tutorials if anyone is in need of a new bag. Do you know of a good tutorial?

Hobo bag: very cute!
Margaret Sling bag
Backpack: maybe not for me - but my daughter would love it!
Reversible patchwork bag

I just bought this pattern. Do you think it's too big? It is sorta big... Hopefully I'll have one done soon to show you.

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Barbara Brown said...

i'm into the first bag, the hobo bag. i'm glad you shared that tutorial because now i don't need to figure it out, it's already done. good luck on your search. i agree it is hard to find the perfect bag.
barbara brown