Thursday, January 28, 2010

i CAN finish this. i know i can. i will. i swear it.

Tracy always tells me how quilting is SO much easier then making clothes. Maybe. But my problem with quilting is that I'm impatient.

It's not quilting's fault.

It's me. Not you.

Tracy sent me a lovely quilt for Christmas that I snuggle in while watching t.v. It's just mine. Reserved for me. Poor shivering husband says to me the other night while under a different (smaller) blanket "maybe you should make another blanket".

Yeah, I guess he's right.

So I started looking at quilt tutorials online and decided on a Stacked Coin quilt. It actually looks harder than it really is. Mostly it's time consuming. The first day I cut all of the top strips and sewed them together. I even cut out all of the white strips too. And then. It sat. Here and there I've sewed a strip or two together. In between it all I've made some headbands - cute ones for moi, cut out two patterns, cut out PJ pants for the boy and just got my miniBoden catalog in the mail yesterday and tore out a bunch of pages of cute appliques that I'm just itching to, ahem, recreate (for personal use, of course).

Today I finished the entire top. I knew I would never get to it if I didn't just sit down and do it. Especially with all of the applique possibilities in my mind.

I love it.

It's beautiful.

I love seeing all of my fabric in one place, and I love that the white balances out the chaos.

Now to finish it. Hmmm... I DO have the batting. And a walking foot attachment for the machine.

And I DO love it.

I'll finish it.

Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

Next time though, I'll make this quilt instead.


Allie said...

Looks great, you're going to have a beautiful quilt!

ali said...

I love it! And I really like the white as well.

Nice job!

So are you going to quilt it on your home machine?

- Tracy said...

You did it! I Knew you could : )

Silcox Stories said...

Liz that is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE it, so much that I am inspired to start thinking about doing one someday
: )

Jen said...

That is gorgeous!!!

Bobbi said...

you can do it!!! youve done the hardest part! i know...ive made one recently. its adorable!

Lisa said...

Liz--off topic comment: I was wondering if you ever sold your mischievous gnome messenger bag pattern? I am wanting to make a bag with a clear pocket on one side to put a catalog in to shamelessly advertise my business! I was looking at that pattern and wondered if I could just use the clear vinyl for the back pocket (trimmed at the top with matching fabric). the ones you can buy are so ugly--just black nylon and such.