Sunday, August 24, 2008

going away to college gift

Ok. So, a scarf seems like a funny going-away-to-college gift, but it's completely practical if said person is going to BYU Idaho, and even more appropriate for a girl who is a California girl through and through. Here's a fun and easy tutorial if you'd like to make a scarf for a going-away-to-college gift. . . or maybe just for Christmas instead. That might make more sense. The tutorial is for a child's scarf so I just made it longer for an adult. I also used flannel in between the layers for a little added warmth. I also made one with fleece in between the layers for Anna once too.

Good bye Meagen! We'll miss you. Hope you think of us when you're on campus for your 7:45 a.m. class and it's -8 degrees outside and you've realized why people REALLY wear scarves.


Jen said...

So cute! She'll love it!

Good luck on your new blogventure. What a great way to stay connected for you two...and we get to peak in on the creativity! Yay!!!!

I am Candy said...

Hey girls! Love the scarf! keep up the amazing work! I will be watching... ooooohhhhhh!

Poetry of Life said...

Love the scarf Liz!! The two of you should think about starting your own little store...Maybe in the future? It would be very easy to get all my Christmas shopping done in one place! Love the blog and will be checking it often.