Saturday, August 30, 2008


I admit it. I'm addicted. I'm appli-crazy. It all started out with circles and joy, but has now morphed into larger more complicated patches. I love it though. It's a great way to turn a $3.00 shirt into something a little more boutique looking. Plus, I think it's something I can "sew" for my son without him looking like he's wearing a homemade-looking (or "girlie" looking if you ask my husband) outfit.

The butterfly is one of Sandi Henderson's free patterns (also made with her fabric). I hand embroidered the antenna (which looks obvious as they aren't very symmetrical).

I love the octopus. It's very mini boden looking. You should request their catalog. They have tons of inspiring ideas for this kind of stuff. As you'll soon find out - I'm not really very creative. I get all of my designs from free tutorials and images online. This octopus came from a Sew Mama Sew tutorial found here. It was tricky and too a while to sew around the edges, but I like how it turned out. I need to paint some eye on it or something.

I just bought a few more long sleeved t-shirts for my son so. . . more to come! And maybe a little tutorial on how to do it (or at least the way I do it).


- Tracy said...

I love them both!! do you think the hoodie comes in my size?

Poetry of Life said...

That should be our next enrichment!! Way easier looking than a skirt. You could even use older t-shirts with patterns, but maybe have a stain or something to cut up and use for the appliqué part.

Candy said...

I love it!!! You should do some step by step directions so that my idiot brain can figure out how to recreate them!

Jen said...

I am crazy about the butterfly Awesome!