Sunday, April 25, 2010

more birthday love

My sister's Birthday was on the 17th. She's always growing her hair out and then chopping it off to donate to locks of love. She's in the growing out stage, so I thought I'd send her some hair accessories to make it less painful.

I too am growing my hair into a different style, so have been making headbands for myself. I prefer the skinny ones. You can buy a set of 4 head bands at Walmart for only $1. Black/Brown/Gold/Clear. I've been covering the gold and clear ones with fabric. You can find a tutorial here if you don't want to have to think about how to do it. She also has some cute embellishment ideas too. I've got more to show, but don't have pictures - some with feathers!
Yes, my son is the model. He thought he was hilarious. This is just 1/4" of felt rolled into a giant spiral. Hot glue every few inches. I found the alligator clips on etsy at mybeadjoy. They were pretty cheap. I think 25 for $2. There are all sorts of things at this etsy shop that you can't find at Micheals. The prices are great. The only downfall might be that the stuff is shipped from China, so it takes a few weeks...Same concept as the other one, but done with scrap fabric instead of felt.
Covered button super glued onto a bobby pin that has a base. Also from mybeadjoy.
There are two different kinds of bobby pins -black and silver. I've got some silver ones too. I think I prefer those. They are little bit longer.

Happy Birthday Emily!!!


emily said...

Thanks Lizzie!! I'm glad you had such a handsome model to help show them off!!

Candy said...

Oh man, Emily you are so lucky! I wish I was Liz's sister instead of her cousin. She makes you guys such cute things! I may have to buckle bown and get to work to make Breanna and myself some.

ali said...

so great!! Thanks for the source!

Jen said...

Wow! These are great!

Hatch Family said...

makes me laugh that carson wanted to be your model. funny kid... and of course, good job on the hair accessories!